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Creation and amplification of consistent brand integration in both Youmiam storytelling and experience.

This is
how we do

Youmiam is the daily cooking buddy of its users, helping them live a happier, healthier life by letting more cooking into their lives. We’ve built a powerful native advertising solution that let brands promote sponsored recipes for specific users and add value to the app flow and experience.

The good old way

It’s getting tougher everyday to reach efficiently your potential customers online. Traditional ads pollute the user experience and no longer deliver the promises. Instead of reaching anonymous audiences of visitors, brands care about the quality and intensity of customer engagement over branded contents.

Youmiam Ads

By teaming up with Youmiam brands can reach efficiently a targeted audience and build a shared experience on the long term with heavy consumers of tomorrow. Of course we dig powerful insights out of every interaction.


Youmiam is already the cooking buddy of half a million millennials. By becoming essential in the daily life of users we’ve helped create a vibrant community that generates significant engagement. We then get massive insights out of users’ culinary behaviour.


The Youmiam community belongs to 18/34 at 95%. We let your brand connect with an audience of hard-to-reach new customers.


Users have multiple occasions to engage with the contents they love on the journey. Over the past 12 months, 25M interactions have been performed on Youmiam.


Our community keeps growing fast, together with the stickiness of users that reached 9 sessions/month. Of course, the intensity of interactions over branded contents follows the same trend.

How it

The Youmiam solution brings together key elements of your brand strategy :
content, advertising and data. Here’s the recipe :
Your brand get an official account on Youmiam.
We convert your recipes into our visual, mobile-friendly, shareable player.
We define together user targeting and the brands’ food territories. Then we start boosting your contents.
Generate thousands of interactions. Increase awareness and build an engaged connected audience. Get actionable insights.

They trust

The Youmiam recipe platform is really relevant to our brands. Their native advertising model enables us to develop and embody our culinary expertise while respecting the increasing expectations of our customers to not be disturbed in the App flow and experience.

Head of e-business Nestlé France

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