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Theo’s studies at ESCP Europe were a window open for him to the World. Enterprising and guided by his love of cooking, rock music and theater, he spent four years mulling ideas and his vision of what he wanted to do, intermitted with fortuitous encounters and incredible work experience: marketing and sales for Champagne Henriot in NYC, voluntary work with handicapped children in Vietnam, and marketing trainee for Danone Argentina. It was on this journey of "globe-cooking" that he fostered the idea of Youmiam..



Antoine’s appetite is written in his genes, normal for someone with parents like his (his mom is a food writer and dad a culinary publisher). An ESSEC graduate, Antoine honed his propensity for entrepreneurship by working for startups across the Channel, fund «venture-capital» in GB. Then to whet his appetite, he travel around the States and South East Asia. Hungry for more adventure in the form of food, new technologies and innovative, he co-founded Youmiam.



Graduate of EPITECH, Anthony was born to be an entrepreneur. He enjoys developing codes to carry out his inventions and he succeeds every time. After a year’s study in California USA, he joined Youmiam’s staff where he knew he would get the opportunity to reveal his web designer and solutions talents. He holds the secret hope of going back one day, across the pond, to teach his surfer friends how to make a veal Blanquette (French dish).


Designer and Artistic Director - Dad @Le Tournedisque

Anatole turns ideas and concepts into high quality and reliable visual reality. Even if he was to put canned beans up on the screen, they would look awesome. Already busy developing ingenious projects for himself, he graciously sets aside some time in his busy agenda for Youmiam.


Community Manager



Guillaume’s idea of hapiness is the sound of good rock music, the thrill he gets when he rides his motorcycle, and sharing scrummy food with his loved ones. Cool and collected, with a heightened sense for aesthetic design, Guillaume joined our team to support Anthony with the development of Youmiam. Much to our delight, as it turns out he works really efficiently, to music, and is dedicated to awesome food. We’re all so glad to have him on board!



Benjamin’s game design savvy is remarkable, favoring quality, intelligence and simplicity when he designs, to enhance the user experience. He anticipates all the scenarios possible to produce, for you, a highly intuitive and well thought out product. You would have to agree with him there!


Growth Hacker

Camille’s passion for food and cooking expresses itself with sincerity and generosity in countless ways: whether it be in the hub of service in the dining room or wine cellar at the “Insolite” restaurant, her inspired pen when writing for the startup “1001 menus” or at the click of her camera to feed his blog. Such energy has naturally led her to establish “We Art Next "and join the Youmiam adventure, bringing with her, her “happy content” experience and a multitude of skills, to share with all you food lovers.



Youmiam is a recipe sharing site for creative foodie enthusiasts, if you are too and would like to give them the best and meet all the challenges it might take to achieve this, then take place at our table.

Our friends

Sonia Ezgulian

Chef and food writer

love of cooking. Sonia Ezgulian’s cookery inspirations and natural generosity was handed down to her, from her Armenian grandmother. Passionate about her rich culinary heritage, like nomadic meals, simple foods that make a change from our usual and all forms of what indulgent foods might be. Sonia and her partner, Emmanuel, found our concept delectable right from the start and since then, have greatly contributed to our development.

Emmanuel Auger

Trainee photographer - with Youmiam

Après une quinzaine d’années passées au sein de la rédaction de magazines (Paris-Match, Salut) pour lesquels il réalise des reportages et des portraits, Emmanuel Auger s’installe à Lyon où il dirige pendant sept ans le restaurant Oxalis avec sa femme Sonia Ezgulian. Il consacre désormais son travail photographique à l’univers culinaire.

Martin Ohanessian

Guide Spiritueux - CEO @ Le Petit Ballon

Entrepreneur et musicien (The Green Olive), Martin est surtout passionné de bons vins et de bonnes bouffes. Pas étonnant que l’on se soit bien entendus. Autour d’un café ou d’une assiette de pâtes de chez Capriccio, il nous distille de précieux conseils et nous porte doucement mais sûrement à maturité.


Food Agency

Jésus prône le retour de la bonne publicité alimentaire en revendiquant le retour du vrai (...) au travers d’un dialogue authentique, qui ne prend pas les gens pour des quiches.
On a la chance d'être accompagnés par ces apôtres du bon miam.

They trust us

Patrick Robin

Investisseur - CEO @

Serial entrepreneur, il est un acteur majeur du monde de la Stratégie et de la communication digitale ainsi que du Social Commerce. Son expertise et sa sympathie s’accordent pour alimenter notre vision en idées affutées et en «conseils d’ami».

Thierry Petit

Investisseur - CEO @ Showroom Privé

Thierry nous donne un angle d’attaque expérimenté et intelligent sur chaque défi et sa confiance jalonne notre parcours au quotidien.

La Blue Factory

Notre incubateur

Nous avons le plaisir de faire partie de la saison 13 de la Blue Factory, incubateur porté par son approche créative et internationale des problématiques entrepreneuriales. Soutenu par @maevabien et @nathangrass



A l’initiative de Microsoft, Spark accueille en plein coeur de paris de jeunes startups pour un programme d’accéleration court de 4 mois. Youmiam appartenait à la première promotion. Merci à @Roxannevarza, Cyril, David ...

Ils nous font confiance